Young, dynamic and leading Planetwork, which is composed of a team of experts and trustworthy partners, is able to offer a valid support to the production of your event.
Planetwork manages the whole logistic and operational phase, in accordance with the established timing and budget, complying with the needs of Clients, the flexibility of solutions and the rapid delivery time.

New Planet Group Logistica The department, managed by Valentina Campolmi and supervised by Virginia Roberta Negri, is at your disposal 24 hours a day with the following services:

  • Procedures relative to employment permission on public ground
  • Procedures relative to SIAE (“Italian Royalties Collection Society”) and SCF (“Italian Consortium which licences sound recordings and music videos for use in public”) permissions
  • Rental of materials for the back-stage of fashion shows
  • Rental of materials for cloakrooms
  • Tendiflexes (tape barriers) and boundary columns
  • Retrieval of materials and installations