New Planet Communication s in possess of the prefectural licence pursuant to article 134 of the TULPS (“Consolidated Text of Laws on Public Security”); it offers specialised personnel who is in possess of the official qualification certificate given by the Regional Authority for those services related to the control of performance and entertainment activities in places open to the public or during public establishments.
The entire personnel is trained and has a good knowledge of foreign languages.
Our uniform is a black suit.
Seriousness, reliability and courtesy are at the basis of a control service able to ensure your event an adequate security.

New Planet Group Eventi The department, managed by Rinaldo Franchi, is at your disposal 24 hours a day with the following services:

  • Personnel for the control of entrances, of lists, of security exits and for the control of the sensitive areas of your events
  • Control of the influx in fashion-show rooms, in the backstage and supervision of the photographers ‘area
  • Operators assigned to fire prevention and high risk emergency management in possess of the relative license
  • Pre and post event night and day guard house